16 August 2019

Bedroom ready for being done up

The top floor was the floor I immediately moved into! I had no plans doing big things with ceilings and floors, and one even didn't need painting. They were rewired, with the rest of the house, and they got new radiators, but that was largely it. But now downstairs things are starting to look good and it's time to pay some attention to the top floor after all! And then especially the bedroom. The other room, in use as home office, is the one with the perfectly fine walls. And I had already dealt with the scars of the rewiring. But the other room needs some serious attention. The wallpaper came falling off the wall; I need to make the rest fall off as well, and then repaint. (The problem seemed to be my breath; when I stopped sleeping there the moisture problem vanished.) And it has a built-in cupboard that needs attention. But in order to do all that one needs some space. So I moved the big bed out! The rest of the furniture is less urgent; it can just be moved around. So now the bedroom is taken out of use and ready for work! I have received a quote for the cupboard work. And I think I'll do the painting myself! I have some sheeting to protect the carpet. It will be exciting if this room is sorted too! And then I really need to decide how I arrange the office and the bedroom. Or whatever names I give them. Things are starting to proceed towards completion! And from completion on, I only need to do fine-tuning and maintenance! That would be lovely.

Office is now bedroom too!

Bedroom as good as empty

The cupboard that needs an overhaul

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