07 April 2018

It's starting to look like a house

It was nice to have all of Easter for doing incremental house moving! You can get a lot of stuff done in six days. So by the end of it, the house was looking like a house! Some of it at least. I have an almost-functioning bedroom on the top floor, and a home office too. The conservatory has to be living room for now, as I have no furniture in the actual one. Well, my wardrobe stands there, as I didn't dare try get it to the top floor with only ne helper. Maybe later we'll get it up! But I think it's best if it goes; I might want to take the living room ceiling out! Best done without furnuture in the way.

The kitchen is as yet pretty much untouched, but the storage space next to it is fully functioning. It has a lot of outdoor and climbing kit, and space for a lot more, and all my books (in boxes) and the deconstructed book cupboard. I can soon move in! And then it can take as long as it takes to get the ground floor sorted!



First hot meal in kitchen! 

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