18 August 2019


Bethesda has a Facebook page. Quite often it just has messages on it from people who have either lost or found a pet. But one day I saw a milkman advertised on it. A milkman! That would be cool. No more milk in bottles that go into the recycling bin but might very well not be recycled anyway. And supporting small local businesses.

I measured how much milk I actually use so I knew what to order. And then I phoned him. The first time it went wrong; he couldn't find the address. This is not uncommon; people tend to struggle to see the difference between Ogwen Street and Ogwen Terrace. Oh well. When I explained where it actually was he complained it was a dead end street and he couldn't turn around in it. Well no, but you don't have to go there! Just stop at the junction and walk the remaining 20 meters. He said he'd give it a go. And by the next Tuesday I found my two pints of organic whole milk in glass bottles at my front door! Marvellous. I'm so British now that I also think: I'm so middle class! Now where's my Guardian...

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