11 August 2019

Digging, but carefully

Four weeks ago we had had a very good round of blowing things up in the dig. So now it was time to bring things down! And as the ceiling is currently retreating vertically, and the dig is thus going vertically too, that is difficult and scary. You need to be pretty much underneath whatever it is you're trying to bring down. It's nerve-racking! But at least we made things sort of comfortable: Miles had, on my request, brought a piece of thin rebar. And that's strong enough to prod rocks but only a fraction of the weight of the massive clump of rebar we had had so far. So it's a lot more comfortable to use!

Miles did most of the work to be honest. I started, but he took over when I got a particularly unpleasant piece of slate in my eye. When he had removed a lot I did a small shift to finish it all off. I think soon we will need to blow something up again as I think we've removed everything by hand (and rebar) we safely can now!

When we came out it was still a nice sultry evening. And Miles used it for an interesting shake-the-slate-out-of-your-undies dance. I hope we can be back soon, with what we need to make more progress!

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