25 August 2019

Ongoing struggle with climbing and rain

The week before we had made it to the crag. We had a rope out and our harnesses on. Then it started to bucket down! We bailed. But this week we'd try again. Same quarry (Bus Stop), same route (Jenga). And this time we managed to get there dry! And we even managed to climb it. Eifion asked who was willing to lead it. All three of us were. Tony started. And when I saw him struggle I changed my mind. If Tony struggles I don't want to try! And I climbed it after him; I was glad I was on top-rope. It's not a hard route but still. And then Eifion did it. He did it twice; after the top-roping he did lead it. Successfully! But in this corner there was only one feasible route so we had to go elsewhere afterwards. And of course it started to rain.

Eifion on top-rope

Tony belaying in the still-nice weather

We were already walking back to the cars when the rain stopped and we thought we could add another route. Maybe Jagged Edge? Or Comfort Zone? We settled on the former, and its twin the Big Easy. And indeed they're not hard! Or high. But it gave us a bit more climbing time before we got tired and it started going dark. Not a bad session, in spite of it still being a bit wet! 

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