22 August 2019

Cast iron window panes

What a bad idea! Who wants cast iron window panes? But the garage had them. And then I had the roof redone. And the roofer forgot to chuck the window panes. I figured I'd do it myself until I realised that maybe someone has a use for these. There are four of them, and three are in good order (one misses a corner; how on Earth did that happen?) They're not very practical, but if you want to restore a shed to a specific period, they may be just what you want. So I decided not to chuck them.

Then I needed to find someone who indeed has a use for them. I imagined it could be a lengthy process, but if in the end they find a good home it would be worth it! Imagine actually looking for a set of these. Might be hard! I decided to start on the Bethesda Facebook page. As good a place as any! And it worked! The very same day I had a response from a bloke a bit up the road that he was indeed doing up a shed. He's picked them up! I wish the frames a long working life, and the bloke lots of enjoyment from them!

The window pane with the corner missing

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