19 August 2019

Work BBQ

After the initial dinner in the local Italian restaurant we were on a roll! The Teaching and Scholarship crew also came together for lunch one day. And then while it was summer and the pressure wasn't quite as on as otherwise, we met up in my back garden for a BBQ. And maybe this specific means of cooking food was a bit sub-optimal as we have a majority vegetarians and vegans, but what the heck.

I made sure I was home quite early to finish my own food, start the fire, get the garden furniture ready etc etc. (The wasps were eerily quiet; have they moved out??) And things got a bit confused because I was also supposed to meet the joiner about my doors before the BBQ guests came, but that didn't work. He was still there when they started piling in! Oh well. We rounded off and I joined my guests.

It wasn't busy; people were on holiday or writing up PhDs or whatnot and only four colleagues and one set of associates came. But that was OK! Soon there were vegetarian sausages on the fire, and beers in hand, and all well. People had brought lovely salads and such, and my vegan garlic soup went down fine. I think it was good! It got a bit chilly at the end, and then it started raining (that wasn't forecast), but we're all overworked people so nobody was into partying deep into the night. At about half past nine I said goodbye to all! The last to leave got onto her bike to get back to Cwm-y-Glo. She's tough!

It's nice to sometimes see your closest colleagues in a social setting! And I think my garden is excellent for it...

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