10 August 2019

Down memory lane in Caernarfon

Sometimes this blog works! I was just doing my thing on Saturday when I received a message. It was from an old Dutch friend! He was on holiday in North Wales and was wondering if maybe I had some suggestions for things to do. And maybe I was interested in communicating them in person?

This is not a chap I am in regular contact with, but he reads my blog! I hadn’t seen him in a long time but because of the blog he knew where I lived. I suppose he might have also noticed how much I love North Wales. So I probably would have some tips! I mailed back saying I would like to pop over the next day. And for my other Dutch friends who read this: it was Sander and Yvette I was liaising with. And the kids. Or at least, they had most veritably been kids the last time I saw them. (And hello, Sander! Does it feel a bit Droste to read about yourself here?)

That day they would eat in the Black Boy in Caernarfon, and we agreed I would join after dinner. So I drove up and walked in. And soon I saw them! I hadn’t seen them in at least ten years but they hadn’t changed at all. Not the parents, anyway! The kids weren’t kids anymore but we’re still recognisable. I didn’t fit at the table but the waiter said there was more space in the bar. Off we went!

We had ten years of life to catch up on! Except of course the bits Sander already knew from the blog (I don’t thing Yvette reads it.) And we had to talk through what they had already been up to, and what they had planned, and what I could suggest. We weren’t bored! And it was quite busy and there was music on but it wasn’t too bad and we did not have to shout. And it gradually got quieter; it was a Sunday, after all. And we ended with only three as the girls left to walk the dog, who had stayed behind in the holiday accommodation.

I'm a bit of a sucker for my early bedtimes but it was really nice and I didn't leave until 10.30. Rather uncharacteristic! But it was fun! And I think that without the blog they might have had no idea I lived 20 mins up the road. Generally I'm only writing because it's a nice record of my activities, as my actual head is quite bad at recording this, but sometimes it creates external perks! Enjoy your holidays, Dutchies!

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