15 August 2019

Sorting out the garage

When the roof was fixed and the enormous pile of waste wood was sorted I could make a start with rearranging the lay-out of the garage. I think I need a bit more shelving and that needs organisation, so I'm not done yet, but I made a good start. I arranged everything that had been piled up in a heap by the workmen in such a way it became reasonably accessible again, and I moved everything that had been living in the conservatory for now back into the garage. The lawnmower had already gone, and the ladder, and some gardening stuff, but now the firewood came too, and my caving kit. The conservatory is now strangely empty! But that will come in handy too I'm sure. And my spare bicycle moved back from the storage next to the kitchen. I'm enjoying this!

The pile of cut-to-size wood has now reached maximum height! If it gets any higher I can't reach anymore. And there is more to cut up! I think I need an additional pile. But that can be arranged. The garage is back in use and it'll only get better!

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