05 August 2019

Subtle parking

When there is something going on in Neuadd Ogwen, especially either a gig or market, I know I have a good chance of having my car blocked in. Bands or traders want to get their vehicles to the loading bay, and it's easy to then block my way. This is rarely a problem; they tend not to stay long, and this never happens at, say, 8 AM on a working day. And if I really need to leave, I can just walk into the hall and ask whose vehicle this is. Always works!

This week it got a bit more extreme. I looked out of the window and saw a car parked at the junction between my road and the parking lot next to it. It was blocking the way completely! And the stupid thing was that there was no shortage of better (and legal) spots. They were parked next to the car of the lady who runs the chippy. But the car could have parked in front of that car three times over, not being in anybody's way. And why not park at the parking lot? That's what it's for! It's only full if there is something special going on, like something popular in Neuadd Ogwen, or a big rugby match. And in the evening it's free.

Not sure how this is logical to anyone

I didn't need to drive anywhere but that's not the point! I should be able to if I need to. And the neighbour too. Blocking a public road is not on. And imagine the mayhem if there would have been fire in either my place or the neighbour's. Not that it was very fire-promoting weather, but I suppose most house fires are weather-unrelated anyway.

So what did I do? I put a polite note under the windscreen. Then I went back in to notify the council. But before I had finished that, the car drove off. Great! I don't think I had properly realised when I bought the house how easy it is to obstruct my car. More than a year in and it's never been an issue. This time it wasn't either. But the sheer lack of reason and manners made me snap into action anyway! And I hope it never actually goes wrong...

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