07 March 2019

How many bedrooms?

Things were rather straightforward for a while. I had a double bed in the bedroom on the left, and a single bed in the bedroom on the right. But then my master bedroom became available. And I know this is a first world problem, but I was wondering how to organise things now. The options are:

Single bed in master bedroom, and on top floor the room without a bed becomes office only.

Single bed in master bedroom, and on top floor all the furniture goes into the home office and the other room becomes available for DIY. It needs some; the wallpaper came tumbling down! And it has a built-in cupboard that needs some work done on it. I think the boiler may have lived in it before. That left some strange void! And I can then also plonk a ladder in the middle of the room and finally have a look in the loft. I still haven't seen that!

The advantages of the first option are: less work, fewer rooms that look like a building site (although the work will have to be done some day anyway), and I can keep office and bedroom at their separate temperatures  (I like my offices warmer than my bedrooms). Advantages of the second options are: I have all the space to get the necessary work done. And it will soon be spring, and then the office will be warm enough without help!

Stay tuned; I will decide soon!

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