13 July 2019

Relax in the garden

I have a thing for comfortable chairs! I was really glad I had one at home from the beginning. I had bought one back in the days in Amsterdam and it was small enough to fit through the doors of my house! So before the great move it went in to the conservatory. And then later I bought an additional one so I had a chair in both the warm and cool part of the house. And then I scored one for the office too. I really like to be able to sit with my back leaning and my feet off the ground. I often sit in these chairs sideways! So now I had comfi chairs almost everywhere. But not in the garden! I had my standard garden furniture but these are chairs for sitting upright on. And sometimes I don't want to! Especially if I've been standing too much. or when my feet are a bit worse for wear after a hot summer walk in the hills. So I sorted it! I got me a proper sun lounger. And it's nice! I can read book or newspaper in the garden with my feet up. Lovely!

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