21 July 2019

Goodbye Ed! (And Megan, and Connor, and Ben)

A PhD is only supposed to last three years here! And time flies. So when we got Ed as a PhD student on the BRITICE project more than 3 years ago (a bit of overrunning is not uncommon), and Megan as Jaco's PhD student, and Connor as Katrien's, and Ben as Yueng's, we knew they weren't here to stay. Unfortunately! They are lovely people. They are the bulk of the people I have lunch with. And Ed is of course also a mine exploration mate. But then time flew indeed.

Ed accepted a job in Southampton. Megan has been offered one in Durham. Connor has been offered several; neither in this area. Ben will go to Liverpool. It will be an exodus! And we decided to go for dinner as a goodbye. Ed was the first to actually leave so it was mainly for him, but for the others too.  We went for a curry, and then everyone except Kate and me (we were the oldies) went to the pub afterwards. It's great to see all these people have secured jobs before they've actually finished their PhDs, but we'll miss them!

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