03 July 2019

Better late than never

I try to avoid single use plastic! I do my best to buy my groceries plastic-free. That goes rather well. But I had still not jumped on the menstrual bandwagon. My whole life I had used the usual products: panty liners and tampons. But that's the usual single use gunk! And it's time I stop doing that. So I bought the magic duo of a mooncup and a modibodi pair of undies. The mooncup is for the days of heavier flow (just one these days; I'm getting old!) and the modibodi for the rest. And yes I'll need more than one then, but I didn't want to buy several before I'd tried one out. Maybe I don't like it. But I hope I do! And then I can ditch the traditional stuff. I should have done this years ago but, as the title suggests, better late than never.

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