15 May 2018

More comfort

I had got rid of the sofa as it wouldn' fit through my door. Any relevant door. I had a comfy chair, but I had had to put that in the conservatory as that was the only ground-or-first floor room that wasn't about to be turned into a building site it would fit into. And it sort of worked! Until we hit a heat wave. That conservatory gets really really hot. And you don't always want to be hot! So I had started to crave a comfortable place to be in a cool place. And I figured the only reasonable place would be the kitchen. It's always cool! And I have no plans to do DIY work on it anytime soon. And it also has a narrow door, but surely I would be able to find a chair that would fit?

I popped by the nearby second hand furniture shop (with social agenda) and bought the smallest chair they had. It looked like it would fit! But one way to find out...

Due to time constraints I first lugged it to Tanygrisiau and back. But after a night of digging I trid to get it into the kitchen. There wasn't much margin but it went in! I'm ready for a weekend in which I can take breaks in both comfort and cool!

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