05 July 2019

Watch TV, after all

When the series 'Hidden Wales' came out, I knew this was one of the things I would be missing out on having given up my TV license. It really sounded cool! And I could see the teaser on YouTube. But when I actually became part of series two, that feeling was strengthened. I still wasn't going to change my mind, but when the topic came up at Jaco and Marjan's, and Marjan noticed the programmes were still on iPlayer, I was up for watching the whole series. We had been in a situation like this before; when 'the Strait', about Menai Strait, was broadcast I saw it with them too. Living and working so close to the Menai Strait makes it interesting anyway, but having our colleague Mike in there, and my climbing mate Glyn, made it extra interesting.

We saw the first two episodes, North Wales and Mid Wales, on that very evening. And then she invited me back the week after to watch the third and last episode, before it would be taken off the site. The one about South Wales, indeed. And the North is of course the best! But I've now seen it. Blimey it's very interesting. These blokes have been some cool places! And quite a lot I had never heard of.

I might get the second series as an MP4 file as I'll be in it, so that should be OK, but I enjoyed watching the first series (also with Cwmorthin in it!) And beside that I'll be fine not watching TV...

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