22 July 2019

Ready for the encyclopaedia

Sorting eleven meters of shelf space is not a trifle! So if you need to make space for a big fat encyclopaedia you have some work on your hands. But I had a lot of wall space. And I had stolen, begged and borrowed some shelving strips and brackets. But then I also needed shelves. And these have to be the right size. Not so easy to pilfer these! So I popped to the local timber merchant. They had plywood sheets. These were 8 by 4 foot. That sounded perfect! I needed shelves 8 foot long and 1 foot deep. So having them saw the thing in strips had me sorted.

I needed 3 long strips (sorted) and a slightly shorter one; I cut that one in the conservatory, and then took them to the office to fit. And it was almost good! I had intended to use one pilfered shelf. And that almost worked. One shelf needed a notch as there was a tube with cables in the way, and a long plank had to have a corner cut out to accommodate the pilfered shelf. So these I took home again! And sorted the adjustments. And brought them back.

I then screwed the old and new plank together. Now they fit perfectly!

The week after I finished it off; I brought a plank from home I and screwed it into a third wall; this shelf is quite shallow but it can take some smaller stuff that's currently in my cupboard. This is deep enough to take bits of the encyclopaedia! So this additional shelf will allow for some more efficiency. Then I also screwed the shelves to the brackets and that was me done!

I have contacted the suppliers of the encyclopaedia to say I was ready to receive the thing. They said they will get in touch soon. Watch this space!

Look at all that space

Precision work!

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