01 April 2020

Windy Saturday walk

We can go out for exercise every day! And I do. I tend to go for a run, but sometimes a walk is nice. And weekends are still the best time for it. A good walk takes hours, and during the week I still have timetabled meetings. So on the first Saturday of lockdown I packed my lunch and headed for the hills. It was lovely! It was also quite cold and windy, but it was great to see the lovely landscapes around.

There was hardly anyone around. I had had a fairly long walk in mind, but it was so cold and windy I thought I might keep it limited. I scampered up to the flank of Bera Bach, and found a nice sheltered bit. There I sat down and had some sarnies. I sat there for quite a bit! I was happy to just look at the landscape.

After that I headed for y Drosgl. When I was in the middle of nowhere my mum phoned! That was nice. And a bit odd. But after that I went to the top of y Drosgl, and then down, to get to y Gyrn on the other side. And followed the ridge home.

It had hardly been spectacular, but that was on purpose! Doing risky stuff is a bad idea when the NHS is busy enough. I had buckets of fresh air, lovely views, and enough hills to keep my muscles busy! And that was what I needed. More next weekend!

Start of the walk: still sunny

Look: nobody around

Lunch break

Back into the village, with the sun picking out the quarry

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