15 April 2020

From weed patch to vegetable patch

It didn't take long for my garden to get a vegetable patch! My sister's family cleared it out, and soon I planted carrots, sprouts, radish, leek, potatoes, and whatnot. But success was elusive. And in busy times I let it get overgrown with weeds. Oh dear! But now in lockdown it's time to try again. And with Easter in addition I had time to give it a second start. When the courgette plants really became too big for little pots I had to snap into action!

I grabbed some tools and started murdering the weeds. It was a fair amount of work! But I made progress. And soon I could put the courgettes in. That also freed up the pots for my pea plants and butternut squashes. Whether my spinach will grow up sufficiently to be planted out in the garden remains the question! And I have even less hope for the leeks.But the courgettes are doing so well they can probably fill the entire patch on their own. Hm! It's clear I'm doing this by trial and error. I'm not ending up with a varied offer! But one has to learn. And if something grows well and produces food that's already a success!


The courgette plants ready to move outside (pic taken April 10)


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