11 April 2020

Another social distancing but still social walk

We have to exercise from our front doors! Or any other door, really. So that means in practice I have to go alone. Who lives within walking distance? Not many people. But not none! Chris may live in Bangor, but that's not awfully far away. And he lives on the Bethesda-facing side. So we decided we would do a walk together! We would both walk to the nearby farm shop, meet there, stay 2m apart, and then walk to or around or over Moel y Ci. And we did!

Chris preferred to do it early so I set off at 7:15. And we met at 8! And set off. Chris knows this area like the back of his hand. And we made sure to stop regularly! This was more about being social and less about exercise. And we had flasks with us. And on the windier bits it was hard to hear each other. Sitting down in shelter then helps!

We walked to the top, and then around. And at the end we each went our own way back. It was still quite a walk home, especially for Chris! But I think we'll do it again. Next time: Moel Faban!

Me in the early morning sun, with gorse in the background

With Chris on Moel y Ci

Coming down

Sign of spring on way back

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