06 April 2020

No underground action for a while

We get to go do exercise once a day! But that exercise should be something sensible and alone. So mine exploration is off. I don't know if the entire community sticks with it; if some stubborn people don't, they probably don't tell the wider community. So I have seen no sign of underground activity. It's a pity we can't go! We were just on a roll with our new group. But we'll sit this out and then go on where we had left off! But this might be the longest above ground interval on the blog for quite a while...

Is all talk off going underground off? No. The rescue team is keeping tabs on who would be available were we to be needed. I said I was! I am in good health and not in contact with people who are not. And I am relatively young and healthy. So if someone is underground with a broken femur or something, then the risk to them is a lot bigger than the risk would be for me to go help get them out. And even if I were to pick the virus up in a rescue operation, I am likely to just recover without medical intervention. And I wouldn't infect any cohabitants. Yes I know young healthy people also die of this virus, but not many. So I'd go.

Do I think we'll be needed? Heck no! In times when half of North Wales is venturing underground we are already rarely needed. And now we could have the odd stubborn person underground, but statistically speaking, what's the chance of them needing us? Very very slim. Good!

In case of severe cold turkey I can always pop into my own private underground venue!

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