22 April 2020

Veg patch full

My courgette plants had been living in the garden for a week. And they were doing well! One had collapsed a bit and looked like he would not made it, but the others were fine. And that means I still have ten plants! If they all grow up to grow courgettes I won't be able to keep up with the eating. But the peas had been growing indoors and it was time to move them. And the butternut squash too! The spinach still wasn't up for such a step. Maybe never will be.

I put the squash in first. And then the peas, who need support. I didn't quite have enough space or support for all peas. Three plants have to keep living indoors for a bit! But we'll see; maybe not all pea plants will survive and that would mean a space becomes available. Although I am aware I have planted literally everything closer together than recommended. I'll see how things go!

With most plants now outdoors I had space indoors again. I will soon do a second round of sowing! Although I will have to ponder where to put the results. I think I can grow not-so-big plants in the conservatory, and maybe I can make some space in the raised bed with the berries for some more larger plants. I have seeds for carrots and kale and cabbage and pumpkin and aubergine. I should get my hands on seeding potatoes (and find space for them) and then if I can get it all to yield food I'd be almost self-sufficient!

The pea and butternut squash plants ready for planting outside (pic taken Apr 18)

All outside!

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