28 March 2020


Well, that's it, then! We are in lockdown. It was bound to happen! Although the government was rather weathervane-ish about it. From pubs and restaurants being open on Friday to lockdown on Monday is a bit of a U-turn. But hey ho! If this is what the population needs then better called late than never.

So how is this for me? Well, I think I may be in the best position possible to weather this. I live in a huge house, I have a huge garden, and I can just do my job at home. So I have an income, a purpose, and space. And I won't see people in person, pretty much, except for a chat with the neighbour over the fence, but I'm quite comfortable on my own, and I have strong enough phone/internet signal to Facetime, Skype and Team people. I don't suppose it could be any better really! My only risk pretty much is RSI as I don't quite have as ergonomically tuned workspace as I had in the office. But I'll manage. And I am SO relieved I got that office chair before I couldn't anymore. And we are all still allowed out for exercise once every day. And I'm taking that liberty!

My bike has been pretty much mothballed now but I am back in a running routine. I suppose I don't have to come out of this any less fit. And the hills around here are quiet. I don't come across many people (population density is modest around here) but those I meet keep their distance! And I can sometimes trade running for walking. Especially in the weekends. A good walk is a lot longer than a good run! 

Altogether I will be fine the coming weeks. I'll just lay low and hope the measures work! Because this may be easy for me, but I'm sure it's really hard for people who are now left without an income. Or who are facing serious health risks working in an overstretched NHS. And for, say, people cooped up in apartments. Especially in cities. Possibly with either children that are too young to understand why they can't go to Grandma or soft play or whatnot, or older children who understand but may just get cabin fever. I hope these measures work and it won't have to last too long!

 What a meeting looks like now

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