10 April 2020

Some, but not all, food growing success

I planted some vegetable seeds and hoped for the best. And soon I started to see little seedlings emerge! I was excited. But not  all vegetables were equally successful.

There is no sign of leek yet. None! And I have three tiny spinach plants. A fraction of what I sowed! I can see some butternut squash is trying unsuccessfully to grow upside down. Will it see its error?

Then there are the peas. They are doing fine! They seem to pretty much all have germinated. And then there's the runaway success: the courgette. Everything came up! And they're growing like the clappers! One week and I had to plant them in bigger pots. And I think they will soon be able to move to the garden and do some more growing there. I know the struggle isn't over yet; the seedlings can still die, and all sorts of creatures might eat either them or the courgettes. But so far it looks good! And the space the courgettes have vacated can now be taken by something else. I Carrots maybe!

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