25 April 2020

Second round of veg

With my peas and butternut squash having moved outdoors it was time to plant some new veg. The dedicated raised bed was full, but I can put veg in pots. I have inherited plenty from the previous owner! And lots of compost too. And I decided I could use the conservatory for it. I tidied it up! It had my caving kit in but that can live in the garage. And I had let some paint cans accumulate there so these went garagewards too. Now the conservatory looks cavernous!

So as I knew where to put them were they to grow up (as the leek most certainly isn't doing) I sowed some more veg. Spinach, carrots, aubergine and cabbage this time! I hope it all comes up. And then fills up the conservatory a bit. I might be on my way to a more diverse harvest!

Spinach, carrots, aubergine and cabbage planted! Now I wait

All that space! 

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