21 April 2020

Trying out all the apps

Digital dinner dates are quite a thing these days! In my life, anyway. Soon I established a weekly one with Marjan and Jaco. That's on Skype. And I have had more since! But I started with two-screen dates. I had ones on Facetime (but that seems to only work indoors) and Teams (works outdoors too, but not as well as indoors) Sometimes with three people, but two of them then sharing a screen. But it was time to widen my horizon. Time for a three screen version! And I tried it with Kate and Fiona.

We started out on Messenger. Fiona got me first. That all went well! Then Kate joined and I could barely hear her. That sucked a bit! I went indoors to see if that helped. And cranked up my volume all the way. But I just couldn't hear her. And I felt a bit weird leaning too closely into the phone. I would look like some menacing Thunderbird character! So we then tried something else. We chose Whatsapp.

Whatsapp was a bit better. I could sort of hear both! But Kate kept cutting out and Fiona had loads of disrupting background noises. If she as much as moved it sounded like she was tearing the house down! So it wasn't a very relaxing dinner. But it was still nice to see them.

When it was over I realised I still had my volume cranked up to the max! Maybe that explained the background noises. I should not do that again.

A week later we tried again. This time we tried Zoom! And I had to eat indoors, and even in the kitchen, as I needed fairly good internet signal for it. But both audio and video were impeccable! I know what I vote for next time. I know it has its issues but I can have dinner with my friends!

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