23 April 2020

Bike to Abergwyngregyn

I had enjoyed my exercise on bike the week before. So I wanted to do it again! And I figured I could head for Abergwyngregyn; the village at the mouth of the valley that has Aber Falls at the head.

It was the greyest it had been in days! It even rained a bit. But not much. I set off through Rachub and Llanllechid, and then off into nowhere. I had seen people in the villages but beyond that, I only saw one runner! It was that quiet. And it was a bit overly easy on the way out, but I knew that would be the case. I got my heart pumping on the way back!

I was back in about an hour! It had seemed so far away as I had always only walked, run or driven it. Walking and running does make it far. And if you drive, you make a bit of a detour. But it's evidently a piece of cake on bike. And pretty, of course! I'm enjoying these bike outings. Not only do I like biking, but I also can get my exercise without using up my feet quota. If I want to do a long walk it's a good idea to not run the day before or after so my feet last. And I can still run any other day! And this way I am also getting to know my surroundings rather well...

The small road parallel to the A55

The church in Abergwyngregyn

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