30 April 2020

Bike to Dinorwic

Ever since I realised there was an asphalt road to the top of Dinorwic, I had wanted to bike it. But you know how that goes: life gets in the way! But when driving places to go for a run, walk or bike ride became outlawed, it suddenly became a much more attractive option. So one fine day I decided to go for it.

I biked out of town. Soon I was on the devilishly steep road to Mynydd Llandygai! I'd only biked it once. This time I had less luggage. I had started with three layers on but soon that got reduced to two. And after the steep bit it's a fair stretch you don't have to do in smallest gear. Nice and relaxed! But I was keeping a pace up as I was here for my exercise.

When I got to the actual access road to the reservoir things got serious again. Another layer came off! And I struggled my way up to the junction where the road to Dinorwic (rather than to the reservoir) starts. It's steep! I was sweating like a daft person. And it had taken me 45 mins to get there.

The rest of the way was not anywhere as steep as that access road. And the road is a bit dull but it has its own beauty! And I saw one cyclist coming down, with a big smile on her face.

After exactly an hour I was at the quarry. You can go in there! But I didn't; I was heading for the top. Eight minutes later I got there. I stopped, took a few pics, and got on the bike again. Strangely enough, the way back was a lot quicker! And soon both layers of clothing were back. This had been fun! And it turned out I was just in time; soon after, biking more than a 'reasonable walking distance' got banned. And this is 24 km and 600m ascent! Not sure that counts as reasonable...

Me at the junction where the road to Dinorwic splits off the one to the reservoir

The Snowdon Range comes into view

At the top

Moel y Ci in the distance

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