14 April 2020

One thing that goes on: blood

I was resigned to almost everything having stopped when I saw something on the BBC website about donating blood. And I realised that of course, that goes on! I assume there is less need for blood these days, as Corona patients don't need any as far as I know, and lots of surgery is postponed. But there will still be people coming in from traffic accidents or industrial incidents or whatnot who urgently need blood. So that still goes on! So I booked me an appointment. And on a Thursday morning I drove to Bangor. I half expected to be stopped by the police and asked what my business was! But that didn't happen. And I drove, not only because blood banks don't like it if you bike in; it counts as strenuous exercise, but also because I thought it would be good to give my car a spin. Leave it idle too long and the battery might go flat! And it was eerily quiet when I arrived at the community centre!

It was about 2.5 weeks into the lockdown, and it felt really weird to be so close to people again. The lady handing me the tablet was not behind a PVC screen, and the lady checking my iron levels was, of course, within touching distance. Strange how soon you get used to that not happening! But at least here the incessant hand-cleaning was normal, and not epidemic-inspired.

I had a chat with the bloke who pierced my arm. He talked about how his four-year-old daughter was dealing with it all. And then I was done and I could go home again, over the empty roads. I hope that all will be as usual again by the time I am eligible to donate again!

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