29 April 2020

Cousins online

When I am in the Netherlands, I always try to have dinner with my sister and as many cousins as we can round up. That tends to be: one or two. And I had hoped to be in the Netherlands this spring, and have another one of those dinners. But that's not happening! Evidently. But then I suggested we'd do one virtually. And the ladies were up for it! But it wouldn't be a dinner; one of my cousins was actually recovering from the virus and was too tired in the evenings. So we settled for coffee!

We had agreed on a time. It was still a while away. And then Whatsapp video rang! Oh, duh, one hour time difference. I picked up and there we were! It wasn't the same as physically being together, of course, but it was good to see them. And this time there, of course, were the added family members and pets making cameos. And I could show off my house!

Apart from the one illness, everything was well. No personal tragedies here! Fortunately. And we chatted about how we all coped with working at home. And how the various non-present relatives were. And that sort of stuff!

If this lockdown lasts a  lot longer I will suggest a follow-up. Maybe then with my Canadian cousin too! That will have to be in the evening due to the time difference. An unexpected advantage of the current situation: maybe we can muster three cousins (or maybe even four) next time!

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