16 April 2020

New tradition: the social distancing walk

The previous week we had done Moel y Ci. This week we would start at Llanllechid church, and take it from there!

Chris and I both liked  we could see actual people, as long as we stuck by the current restrictions. So we decided to do it again! And we would go in the direction of Moel Faban, pretty much the nearest hill for me. And we chose Llanllechid church as the meeting point. And that worked! From there we actually decided to skirt around Moel Faban and head straight for Moel Wnion. I hadn't been yet! But we took it easy. In the plain above Bryn Hafod y Wern we had the first coffee break. It's nice there!

Morning light on the lane to Bryn Hafod y Wern 

The light did strange things

The view from the first coffee break location

And we went up the side, where there is no path, so we made things a bit difficult for ourselves, but we were rewarded for our efforts. We reached the summit, if you can call it that; Moel Wnion is a bit of a blob so the top is wide like a football field. But we had more coffee there and enjoyed the view. Y Drosgl is actually quite impressive from that side! And you could see the path coming from the direction of Aber Falls. We had actually seen the falls along the way. And it was hazy so the mountains looked quite mysterious! I also changed into my shorts as it was veritable summer weather.
The summit of Moel Wnion

The view from the summit

Heading towards y Gyrn

From there we went back to loop around the hill. It was slowly downhill so we moved fairly fast. And we discussed the local industrial relics in the valley. And at the southern end of Bwlch-ym-Mhwll-le. There we had lunch! It was warm. And it's only mid April. Would this go on?

We then went back. Through the gorge, down into Rachub. There our ways parted. I decided to stretch the walking on public footpaths. There are still more to discover! And I found I was quite tired actually. A good walk! And next week we'll head in the direction of Mynydd Llandegai...

 Bonus public footpath just outside Rachub

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