01 May 2020

Compost heap

I had been using the garden waste bin to get rid of garden waste. But in a way, that's a silly thing to do. I am drawing organic carbon out of my garden and giving in to the council. Not sure that's a sustainable strategy! But there had been so much I had to do in the garden; I had not quite got around to deciding where I would start a compost heap and what I would put on it.

With a free Easter I had the time! And I was emptying out my weed patch. That yielded a lot of garden waste. It had to go somewhere! And I decided to chuck it in a spot behind the garden shed. I figured it had to be on that level, as that is where the action is. I only throw harmless things there; things that are too woody and would take too long to compost don't go there. They can go into the garden waste bin or the wood burner. And I am boycotting brambles too! These are for the brown bin. I want to be able to handle the compost without grabbing thorns all the time.

After a week it was already a sizeable heap! And it kept growing. Soon I should have compost I can spread over my beds! And maybe my grass, as it will want nutrients too. I think I am bang on trend!

It doesn't work too well in a picture, but here it is: my most fashionable compost heap! 

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