12 October 2018

Another guerilla climbing session

The previous week, I had gone climbing with Glyn on the Friday night. It had been a bit of an ad hoc idea. And this week, he asked me on Thursday. And I thought it was a good idea! And with me knowing in advance I could make sure to bring my climbing kit. I also would be coming by car anyway, as I would pick up my new chair for the office, so that was convenient. I also could pick him up this time!

It was another nice session. He pushed himself far; there was a 6c lead he wanted to do. He tried it once, and fell out near the top. Then he tried it again, thinking he knew where he had gone wrong and hoping he could right it. But no; he fell out again. And at the end of the night he tried it one more time, but by the time he got to that same crux his muscles were too tired. But I'm sure he'll do it next time!

He sent me up one heavily overhanging route I wasn't too sure of. I tried it! And towards the top I got desperate and basically used all the holds I could find. Not elegant but I sort of got to the top! At least I had practiced my stubbornness.

This time we left before the place closed. Good! That meant I could be in bed at a good time. I think the climbing club is forgetting what I look like but such is life!

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