29 December 2019

In the Netherlands

It was that time again! For my annual Christmas trip to the Netherlands. As this time I took the train, and that takes the entire day, I didn’t stay very long. I wanted to have some time at home too! My spare room was waiting for me. And the snowy hills too. So I only saw the usual suspects! My mother, father, stepmother, sister, brother-in-law, nephews, niece, two cousins, and Roelof and Monique. That filled the days!

All went well! It was good too see everybody. And of course there were tales of imperfect health here and there, but that is unavoidable. It was good to reconnect! And I managed to not fall ill! It had been a good visit. And then it was time to have some days off at home!
Morning in Amersfoort

The cousin dinner. Later we would be four! 

In the train towards Drente

Walking the dogs (notice the neolithic grave monument in the background) 

Family pic on the sand (pic by Joke)

A Christmas day walk

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