10 January 2020

Run Moel y Ci

I had done a tantalising recce of Moel y Ci (not to be confused with the farm with farmshop and cafe a bit north of it and probably named after it) and when the weekend came around and I wanted to go for a run, I decided to go and run there! Because it's there. And I did! It was nice. The views are lovely and the wood is pretty too! With mossy walls and such. I scampered up and over the top, which is on the bare side, and then from the other side ran over through the woods. About 50 minutes. I think I was slowest on the way down. It's a bit steep and muddy! But not half as muddy as the way up. I was glad I was wearing off-road shoes! Otherwise it would have been a nightmare. And back at the car I found a little stream to rinse of in. A nice loop I might use again! And I already saw you can also go around the bare bit and then over the flank back...

 Start of the path
At the top

Woods on the north side

Coming out of the woods

Cleaning off the mud

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