31 January 2020

Having the house cleaned

It was a while ago I made the decision to have the house cleaned, but now it has actually happened! I made sure I had some stuff to do in the morning as the cleaner wouldn't come until 10:15. And then I let her in! I showed her the rooms she would clean. And we had a chat about my oven; that has a black layer on the inside of the door so I can't see what happens inside. I had attacked that with what I could think of but got nowhere. Nicola said she could do better. I might book her again for that! And then I got onto my bike and left, and she got going.

When I got back I first saw the kitchen. That hadn't been in too bad a state to begin with. So the floor looked beautifully shiny but it still looked like my kitchen. But then I went upstairs to inspect the bathroom. And that did look quite different! Mopped floor, clean sink and loo and shelves and whatnot, but the most striking thing was the absence of limescale on the shower screen and the tiles. It looked lovely!

Now I want to not quite keep things at this level but I might want to try to squeegee the screen after showers. And keep this good look going for a while!

Look at that shine!

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