16 January 2020

First aid renewed

A bit less than three years ago I did my First Aid at Work. A very useful qualification to have! So as it runs out in spring I had to go back for a refresher course. And that's good and bad! It's good as you get two days of relaxation; the bad thing is that it would take me about an hour to re-learn everything from last time, and learn whatever is new, and really don't need two days. But I embraced it! It was an education-dominated crowd: there were two secondary school teachers, one lady working at the University sports centre, and a bloke working for University security. And then a chef and a builder. Apart from the chef everyone spoke Welsh so we could almost have done the whole thing in Welsh! Oh well. The instructor also asked what we had used since the last time. I hadn't used my skills at all. But the others had! Especially the PE teacher, sports centre lady and security bloke...

We had the same instructor, pretty much the same syllabus, and it was altogether quite the same. And for lunch breaks I would go for a small stroll. And at the end of all it we did the test. We all passed! Several of us with 100% scores. And the marking went fast as it was us teaching folk doing it, and we've practiced. So now we're all ready for whatever injuries life throws at us! For another three years.

The pretty side of Parc Menai

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