10 January 2020

Unexpectedly buying a circular saw

Given that I’m not a ThursdayNighter anymore, but I do want to keep going underground, I had started looking for a cordless drill. The ThursdayNighters have a gazillion drills, so there never was a point in me buying an additional one, but things have changed. And I have a drill but it's electric.  Time to become more independent!

One day my eye fell on a post by a lady on Anglesey who was having a clear-out. She was selling all sorts! And there was a picture of a tool in a box. But what tool? Was it a drill? It was difficult to see; there was only one vague picture and no description. But it turned out to be a circular saw (not much of a surprise to anyone). And I want one of these too! I can’t saw in a straight line with a handsaw to save my life. But with a circular saw I could! So I popped over to Anglesey and got me a dirt cheap cordless circular saw with two batteries and a charger! That will come in handy!

On charge for a test run! 

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