03 January 2020

More radio from the phone

In order to prepare for my long rail trips, I downloaded some radio programmes I like into my phone. That way I could listen a bit if I wanted. And I liked it!

When I got home I decided there was no reason to stop there. Why not do the same thing at home? There isn’t always something on the radio I like! And there is so much I could play. So nowadays, when I am, say, painting or something, or cooking, and there is nothing on the radio I like I plunder the archive. I don't like fiction very much, nor do I like people shouting at each other, so for instance on Friday night (after the comedy slot; I do like that) I think I'll do the modern thing and listen to something on demand. I suppose letting other people decide what you consume regarding entertainment is a bit outdated! And at last I'm on the bandwagon too.

I like the Long View!

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