20 January 2020

Wallpaper problems

The plan was as follows: the painter would line the wall with aluminium foil, then with expanded styrofoam, and then lining paper, and then paint over that. And he did! But the problem was the paper didn't quite attach sufficiently to the thermal insulation. At the seams, it curled outwards. That made it look very very wallpapery. When done well you can't even see the seams! But here you could. He then tried to remediate the situation but adding more glue. And painted over it. But the problem hadn't gone away. So while the paint dried the wallpaper curled out again and cracked the paint. And that was just not quite what it should be! So when he came by to give the keys back and give me the invoice he saw that too. And we decided he is going to add another layer of lining paper (at right angles to the other one) and then paper over that. That should sort it! Maybe the glue doesn't hold well on styrofoam, but I have faith it holds on painted lining paper.

I had hoped to start putting furniture in that room in the weekend before term but I had to wait! He'll be back. But that should be soon, and when he has done that all should be finished!

The lining paper in place

Painted lining paper

A crack

This is what a lined wall should look like!

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