26 December 2019

Deciding to have the house cleaned

I’m not at home an awful lot! So if I am, I want to enjoy it. And I’m not overly keen on cleaning. Sometimes it needs to be done, though! But when I decided things were getting a bit much and asked if I could work only four days, and the answer had been no, I decided I should then use some of that money I am earning for making my leisure time more pleasant. And then I came across a local cleaning company on internet. And I figured I should have my house cleaned! And see how I like it. It is getting a bit grubby but I don't want to spend a big chunk of the limited holidays I'll have scrubbing. So I got in touch! And we have sorted out a day, time and plan. It's even good for the local economy too!

The level of cleanliness of the house

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