30 January 2020

Pruning trees

When I bought the house the garden had been rather neglected. And several of the trees could do with a trim! I had that sorted out in January. It seems that's the best time for it. But this year I would do it myself! I had bought a telescopic tree prune device for the particular occasion. And it was time to try it out!

I started with the plum tree. It's a small tree so that's a nice one to start with. And the thing worked really well! Soon I was done. And then tackled the much bigger crab apple tree. And that was a lot more work but still perfectly doable! My trees look all civilised again. And after cutting all cut-offs into bits and chucking them in the bin the garden was tidy-ish again too! I could get used to this. I'll be my own tree-pruner from now on!

I haven't done the apple tree yet, but I want to first look up how that's done again (my sister sent me instructions a long time ago!) and that I can just do with secateurs. The tree is barely taller than me! So stay tuned for that one.

The plum tree beforehand

My new toy

The plum tree and crab apple tree after treatment (after taking this pic I did a bit more pruning on the left bit of the crab apple tree!)

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