01 February 2020

Unexciting but pleasant Thursday Night

It's been nice to do special things on Thursday Nights! But it's not a straightjacket. This week, biking home early so as to have a free evening at home (or elsewhere) to fill as I wished, would mean leaving while the winds were still unpleasantly strong. They weakened through the late afternoon. So I left at six. And then I'm not home until it pretty much is seven. And both before and after dinner I got distracted by communications. So after that there wasn't an awful lot of evening left! But that's OK too. I just settled in the living room with the newspaper until I was tired and went to bed. Nothing wrong with that either! And I would get a special night on Friday this week (blog post to follow), and on Friday I normally work late, so this worked out rather well in the end.

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