25 January 2020

Painter done!

It is sorted! The last big painting jobs are sorted. Yes there are still details to do. But the painter has been busy and the spare room is now done, after the wallpaper issues, and the kitchen has had all its wall and the ceiling done. Great!

So what is there still to do? Well, the spare bedroom has not been done yet, and it doesn't need to, except for the skirting boards. That will be done when the office stuff has been moved out. And then in the kitchen there are more details to do: I have damaged the paint on the kitchen's skirting boards when I took off the wallpaper so I want to touch that up. And the kitchen has not very well done white-painted window frames. I think I'll paint these green too! And then there is some other bit off the ceiling I might paint in a colour too, to make it all a bit less pale. And maybe even the kitchen cabinets as they are ugly anyway and one day I want to get rid of them. Might as well make them a bit more colourful while they wait for me to have the money and the priority to sort that properly!

This was the last mint green wall: magnolia now!

The ceiling is not nicotine yellow anymore

Bedroom wall done too!

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