18 January 2020

Tidying up some last untidy bits of woodwork

When you rip out a ceiling you are bound to end up looking at some rough bits! I had had the plasterer hide most of it, but I had ended up with some dubious-looking bits of woodwork around the stairs. Some months ago I had hid some of that but there was more. The joist had a big rough cavity in it! And I wanted to hide that. So I set to work. I tried to make a template by fitting some cardboard in there. Then I marked the shape of that template on some wood, and started sawing. I had to do some filing to make it fit but I got it done in the end! And then I needed to make it blend in with the other, much darker, wood. So I sanded it a bit to rough it up, and then painted it with outside paint. Then some coats of oil and it was ready to go in. And then not the entire hole is hidden but by far most of it will be. Good enough for now!

The original situation

Fitting the wood

The remaining hole

Wood put back in after painting

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