10 October 2019

Finally: another ugly edge hidden

In winter I had been busy hiding the rough edges that had appeared from underneath the ceiling. I had discovered the magic abilities of mouldings; you just nail them to whatever you want to hide, paint them a camouflage colour, and le voilà: it suddenly all looks good again. I had managed to hide some relics of the plasterboard ceiling, but there was still an ugly edge peeking out from underneath the plasterboard of the bedroom wall. It showed the sides of the bedroom floorboards, but not in a good way. So I had let this slip a bit down the to do list but finally got around to it. I sawed a piece of moulding to size, painted it, and the next day nailed it into position. It looks so tidy now! And only I will notice as nobody else will know what it hides. But that's good enough for me!

Old pic from February; notice the blank moulding at the bottom and no moulding on top

The situation now!

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