13 October 2019

Getting rigorous in the kitchen

I had very gently started on pulling down the wallpaper in the kitchen. I thought I might go strip by strip. When the second strip came off, I exposed one of the big holes in the old plaster I had been able to see through the wallpaper. And I had some plaster left over from the wall! So I quickly prepped that hole and filled it, even before the rest of the wallpaper was off.

First strip off

Then I continued with the wallpaper. Quite soon I got to the radiator shelf, and that had to come off. And that means the big disruption has started. So I changed my mind about the strip-by-strip thing. And I went full-on on that specific wall! All decoration came off the wall, and then the wallpaper. And then the wallpaper glue. It was a bit of work! And more big holes in the old plaster appeared.

All wallpaper off! And the holes on the right filled. 

When it was all stripped and cleaned I used an evening I was home relatively early to make a small batch of plaster and fill the holes. I had underestimated how much I would need, so I had to go back to the garage for more powder twice! And I made the batch in an oven dish. I figured a bucket would be too big. And glass should be so smooth plaster doesn't stick to it too well. I hope it's true otherwise I've ruined a perfectly serviceable dish!

All big holes filled.

And now all that needs doing is some minor tidying up with filler, and then painting it! And then I can put the shelf back and the pictures and all that and it will look good again. And then it's time to do the last wall. I'll have to move the furniture away from the wall, hence that I wanted to entirely finish the other wall first. Then I can have things stand near that! I can't wait for my kitchen to also be (almost) done! And then I'll have to ponder the ceiling...

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