31 May 2020

First food from the garden

It started in the first weekend of lockdown. I sowed my first vegetables! And from then on I have been steadily tending to my vegetable seedlings. Watering them, spacing them out, moving them outside, sowing more, moving them back in again in the case of the butternut squash, goading the peas into holding on to the provided sticks and not each other, giving up on them (leek), and whatnot. And most is growing nicely. But the end goal was: food! By late May I had still not eaten anything. And then I saw a pea pod on one of my plants. Yay! Peas! I ate that one raw. Was lovely! An after the first one, many followed. They started flat and I should wait until they are a bit more cylindrical. But it looks like I may soon have my first meal out of my own garden!

And the rest? The spinach is slowly growing and one day may be big enough for a meal too. But a small meal. The carrots keep their edible parts (if any) hidden underground. The cabbage is growing well. I have chard seedlings. Some potato plants appeared rather unexpectedly; I had planted some in the first spring but the weeds must have out-competed them. The aubergine plants are still very small. The butternut squash is still recovering from cat mayhem. And the courgette plants are starting to flower; this could be the early start of quite a lot of food!

And there is bonus: last year I planted two walnut trees and there's something budding! I might get my first nuts too this year... 

The first pea pod to appear!
The first pea pod to appear!

More soon followed


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