15 May 2020

Walk south

Another weekend, another walk! The week before I had pretty much gone as far northeast as I could. This week I went pretty much 90 degrees the other direction; almost due south! I can't go southwest as that part of Snowdonia is closed. I hadn't walked in that direction, along Cefn yr Orsedd, for a fair while. About time to do it again! And it was a hot day. I got rather sweaty! But it was lovely. You start out with nice views over the northern end of Nant Ffrancon. And when you cross over to the other side, you end up on Mynydd Du with views over Cwm Llafar, where I had been in there only in February!

It's a pity we can't use these gorgeous days for long walks but the mountains will be patient...

View into Nant Ffrancon from Cefn yr Orsedd

Pretty stream

Ominous skies in the distance

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