03 May 2020

Clear the brambles ahead of the knotweed

My battle with the knotweed is ongoing! I intend to repair my injector before the autumn and then do another round of poison injection. I know that assumes uncharacteristic success with mechanical repair, but one has to be optimistic. But the job tends to be unpleasant; the crawling around and injecting stuff isn't much fun on the best of days, but the wrestling through brambles while doing it makes it even less enjoyable. So I decided to go in and get rid of as much of the stuff as I reasonably could while it was still spring and the going was still relatively good. The growth gets a lot thicker later on! So one sunny afternoon I grabbed my gloves and secateurs and set to work. I managed to remove a lot! And when I was at in anyway, I also tackled stinging nettles, and Himalayan balsam as it's also invasive, tries to colonise my garden, and smells unpleasant. A lot done! But it was clear it needed another round.

A week later I went back and removed most of what was left. I certainly did not remove all, and of course it will grow back, but I'm sure I have removed quite a significant amount of time's worth of bramble growth. (And quite some balsam.) So so far so good! Now I need to get that injector going again. I hope I can do that! And if not? Maybe buy another one I suppose, and hope it lasts a bit longer. Having it done professionally must be a heck of a lot more expensive. But it might have to be done! We'll see. At least now we have a river bank that's fairly comfortable to negotiate. And that may come in handy if we get another heatwave this summer, and I'll be wanting to cool off in the river

Bramble in front of a knotweed stalk 

The riverbank now

The pile of bramble cuttings

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